Initiative to establish the German Cycling Embassy

Copenhagen and the relaxed bike-riding in the Netherlands are considered around the world to be models for the future promotion of cycling. They are constantly being presented as solutions at an international level.

The successes of German companies and institutions are hugely underrepresented abroad, yet many German bicycle and component manufacturers are world market leaders. More than half of their products are exported.

The German market is a key market in Europe. It was in Germany that the e-bike first took off, and Germany is the world’s top destination for bike tourism.

German manufacturers build bike stations and bike parking facilities all around the globe. Many German cities are known worldwide for good bicycle traffic. Design agencies, research institutes and consultants bring German expertise to the world stage.

Germany hosts the world’s leading bike trade fair. And last but not least, the bicycle – which will be celebrating its 200th birthday in 2017 – is a German invention.