More about the initiative

More communication for German bicycle expertise
German bicycle expertise is not promoted at an international level. Danish and Dutch know-how and the expertise of their companies, on the other hand, are communicated very clearly and always positioned strategically.

Both countries benefit greatly from this: Danish design agencies and street furniture manufacturers sell their bicycle ideas and products around the globe. As the world’s most liveable city, Copenhagen promotes itself very successfully. The Dutch are so undisputedly associated with bicycles that they call themselves “the world’s cycling experts”, and can thus sell their companies’ services worldwide.

The relevant parties in these countries have organised themselves into “cycling embassies”, and manufacturers, cities, transport companies, consultants and associations have joined forces, with the help of foreign trade promotion.

Founding a German cycling embassy
Given the rise in urbanisation, “sustainable urban transport” is a central growth market worldwide – and bikes are an important component of this. German companies and designers are already making significant contributions here – and this needs to be communicated at an international level.

The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) has started an initiative to establish a “German Cycling Embassy” for the cycling nation that is Germany. It invites manufacturers, cities, transport companies, consultants, associations and the tourism industry to join in and present themselves as part of this cycling nation.

The ADFC provides further information under “Information and questions”.