Information & Questions

Are there other cycling embassies?

Yes, Denmark and the Netherlands already have cycling embassies which successfully market the respective country’s know-how:

How the cycling embassies present their work:

Who are the members of the cycling embassies in Denmark and the Netherlands?

Is there any international interest in German bicycle expertise?

Yes, this is not only clearly reflected in the export figures, but also in consultancy and research:

What experience does the ADFC have?
The ADFC has many international contacts, and has for ten years been giving German businesses the opportunity to present themselves at the biggest international designer conference with little effort or expense: The annual Velo-city Conference alternates its host countries between European and non-European nations. The crowds and demand are huge, and particular expectations are placed on Germany as a cycling country. One exhibitor, who had been using the ADFC’s services for many years, said he had secured his most important international contracts at the Velo-city.

Are there comparable initiatives in Germany?
Yes, albeit not for bicycles. Germany has comparable initiatives for health, energy efficiency, renewable energy and water. In terms of market size, they are larger than the planned German Cycling Embassy, and are funded by the government (federal ministries) or the market participants.
Energy efficiency export initiative:
Renewable energies export initiative:
German Water Partnership:
Healthcare export initiative:
Greentech made in Germany:
The Logistics Alliance Germany is run by the Federal Transport Ministry, and markets Germany as a centre for logistics:

Wouldn’t bicycle transport in Germany first need to be improved?
Germany does of course need to make a lot of improvements when it comes to bicycles, but so do the Netherlands and Denmark. Fighting for improvement doesn’t mean wasting opportunities at an international level. On the contrary: The ADFC is convinced that better communication for “the cycling nation of Germany” will result in better conditions for bicycles, including in its own country.